Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Marine Life

Our Whales population is running out because the Japanese are harpooning our whales to bring back to their country and they eat them. But what do they do with the parts they don’t want? They throw the whale back into the sea. That attracts sharks to come and eat what's left of the helpless Whale! Today I will be talking about how whaling is bad, Sea Shepherds, some shocking facts about whaling and why this has to STOP!

Why Is Whaling Bad?
Whaling is cruel, they take the meat they need then chuck out the rest! They also take too much and from that because soon they will be extinct, so we would have no whales on this planet and we can’t get them back.
Even though it's banned Japan, Norway and Iceland they still kill at least 2000 whales each year! When the banning of whaling happened over 30000 whales have still been killed.

Sea Shepherds
Where there is evil there is good and that's where the sea shepherds come in. The sea shepherd don’t just save whales, when they first started off they helped baby harp seals also known as white coats. In 1977 the Sea Shepherds were made their goal was to save sea life.
The Sea Shepherds have their own show called Whales Wars in that show they try to stop the Japanese from whaling. In one of the episodes the Sea Shepherds are trying to stop the Japanese but the Japanese shoot the Sea Shepherd Captain, luckily he was wearing a bulletproof vest, and that shows how desperate the Japanese are for Whales

Shocking Facts
16,000 whales have been murdered every year for 83 years! 40 years after Antarctic whaling was banned, Blue Whale numbers remain critically low. Since 1986, over 25,000 whales have been murdered legally for “scientific research” and that's what the Japanese are doing! People who whale think money is more important than live, even if they say it isn’t they all are killing whales for money!

Overall I think that whaling is a horrible thing to do because it is causing our whaling to go extinct. Sadly as normal people we can’t do very much but we can adopt a real whale from websites like “Save the Whales” and more! Yet lucky we have the Sea Shepherds protecting our waters, and they will do anything to stop whaling. If we keep whaling there will be no whales left on earth!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Maths Educreation


This link is for a Educreation that I made showing you guys how to simplify fractions
Charlie's Blog: http://charliestjoseph.blogspot.co.nz/
Ben's Blog: http://bencstjoseph.blogspot.co.nz/
Thanks for watching, Bye!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015



Wishes to Do something big in his life
Dreams of being a superhero
Wants to be a game Developer and Animator
Wonders About what it's being Famous
Fears Of Death
is Afraid of failing
Likes Swimming And Swimming Competitions  
Believes everything happens for a reason
Loves Technology
Plans to do good with my life

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Chapter 1: The Piano
His mind conflicts him as the piano brings the horrid memories from his mind to a reality. flashing through the toughest moments of his life, that made him struggle and nearly made him give up. But the hardest memory to forget was teasing him, getting louder then the others and getting bigger then the others!
then the strangest thing happened he closed his eyes then when he opened his eyes he was in a different room. He looked around then saw himself in the mirror, his wrinkled face was smooth. his grey stubby hair was long gone but his blonde spiky hair was reformed, And his blurry eyesight was vanished. He was wearing his doctors clothing and then a patient was rushed in. He straight away remembered this memory, the day he got told to go to the army and become a medic in the war.
He thought to himself, “Why is this happening!? Am I being punished!?”
Then the Major came in and demanded me to go to war. As he did before he went to war.

Chapter 2: Introduced
As he traveled to base camp, the sight was amazing! There were birds chirping, The green grass grows in the meadows and the poppies blooming. But as he get closer to base camp the green meadows are no longer green, they are wrecked with tank tracks, there's broken defense posts everywhere!
When he got to base camp he saw the soldiers waiting for his arrival. he introduced himself and they introduced themselves.
“Hi! I’m Jono
they told him about how their charging to Germany in a few months and how he has to be trained mentally and physically. His training was going to be extremely hard, He would have to run 10 miles with a full pack, a AK-47 And medical supplies! he knew it was a huge challenge but if he didn’t go along he would be called a traitor and get shot.

Chapter 3: The Challenge
At 5:00am he was woken up by the alarm screaming he didn’t know what was going on, so as fast as he could he got changed and grabbed his supplies and went out to the major with the other soldiers
“Why are you late!” The Major screamed furiously.  
“I didn’t know we had to be up at 5:00.” He replied.
“At 5:00!? You had to be up and 4:30!” The Major yelled at the top of his lungs.
“Sorry it won’t happen again.” He told the Major.
After the argument they just had he went on his 10 mile walk, he went in thinking i’m going to finish this!
a few minutes later he started getting sore legs and wanting to stop but he didn’t, he kept pushing forwards. After the 1st mile he stopped and sat on the side of the road, asking himself will i see my family again? Will I survive? Am I doing the right thing? He thought of these while he walked he wanted to prove himself that he is doing the right thing. He started to jog and from jog became running. Next thing he knew he was running past other soldiers and every mile was closer than the last one! when he passed 5 miles his friends stood on mines and blew up! He went over to them to make sure they were OK. He got his medical supplies and taped up the men and got them walking again. It took him nearly 1 whole hour but then he had recovered so he went off again. 2 hours later he had 1 more mile left and he was exhausted, he started collapsing and he ran out of food and water. he never thought he was going to make it but then he thought about his family and what might happen to them. He got his second wind and blasted off like a rocket! His heart racing like a Ferrari! as he crossed the finish line he felt he had accomplished something. He had completed the challenge.
“You did great out there, you ran the whole 10 miles and you also bandaged up some men!” The Major said.
“Thanks!” Said Jono.

Chapter 4: The Charge
7 Months past and Jono had been training non stop for when they go to Germany. But when they least expected it the horns rang and the bells screamed! Jono knew what was happening… They had to charge to Germany now! He Gathered his gear and snatched his medical supplies and ran with his friends to the jets and started driving to Germany. Him and his friends flew almost to Germany until they heard the gunshots go off. They German soldiers were trying to shoot the jet down; then they hit the left wing. Jono and his friends were swirling as they were getting closer to the ground.
“Get your parachute on! Then jump out off the jet if you want to live!” Jono demanded
His friends did what he said and jumped out. they all pulled the shoot and floated down. when they hit the bottom they saw the German leader! They knew that they would have to kill him! they hid behind cover but when they peaked out Jonos friend go shot! he did his best to bandage them up but there was no way they would survive. he needed backup but no one was there they were still coming, so he hid until he saw backup. The German Leader walked past Jono’s hiding spot and Jono thought If he killed him he would end the war. So he snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the back. The German Leader fell to his knees covered in his own red blood!

Chapter 5: The End
The German leader crying for mercy, screaming for help.
Jono realized he had killed the German Leader! The German army pointed their guns at Jono; he froze still and couldn’t move… But then Jono's fellow army soldiers came and took out the German soldiers. They won the war! Everyone was cheering but then everyone stopped and froze… His memories started screaming, he remembered what was happening, how all this started. He closed his eyes then oped them again... He was in his room, sitting at the piano, remembering the times of war.

Monday, 15 June 2015

The Piano

The piano playing in the moonlight. Bringing back memories from the war. The soldiers ghosts came from heaven and dancing with their loved ones. Their smiles returned, knowing their family was safe from harm and danger. The soldiers knew it was time to leave and return to the sky. They said their goodbyes and floated up to heaven.

The Helmet

I’m charging into war, I wish I was with my family but I’m fighting for my country. I hope I'll see my family again and I can tell my stories. I see a flare in the distance, they're coming! Men collapse as they get shot. I see my friends fall in pain, lying there waiting to die. tears running down their cheeks, gasping for help. But sadly I must keep fighting. As I leave, they scream for mercy, hoping that they will survive. As I’m running I see run into a man. He looks my age, then we stop and stare at each other. He says to me “Please I have a family. Please don’t hurt me” I pull my gun down and walk away, but he stops me and gives me his helmet. “Show your family that their are others at war with family,” He told me then ran off. I snuck off the battlefield and went home. I showed them the helmet to them, they were shocked. I kept in touch with the man, his name is Denton. He’s planning to move here in America. That helmet could have saved my life because if I said no I wouldn’t have gone home and could have been shot. War is something that no one wants, it’s horrible! People die and they have a family! We want peace not war!  

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Piano

The piano playing in the moonlight. Bringing back memories from the war. The soldiers ghosts came from heaven and dancing with their loved ones. Their smiles returned, knowing their family was safe from harm and danger. the soldiers knew it was time to leave and return to the sky. they said their goodbyes and floated up to heaven.

Poster BTT

For one of my Novel Studies Activity's I had to make a poster to advertise the book becoming a movie. (I know its already a movie.) Here it is


Hey guys I've been at a swim meet and I went well and I came 6th for my 200 backstroke.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Bridge to Terabithia Chapter Summaries WARNING SPOLIERS


Chapter 1 : Jess Oliver Aarons Jr.

In this chapter it explains about Jess, who he is and what his goal is. Jess wants to be the fastest kid in fifth grade. It also explains about his family, his father is stressed out and if he doesn't go to work they will become poorer than they were before. His sisters fight a lot and are very demanding. He tries to run as much as he can.

For me this chapter is a bit long for just explaining his family and him.

Chapter 2: Leslie Burke.

This Chapter talks about his school, his teacher, his friends and the bullies. and near the end it talks about Jess and Leslie talking. Leslie is the new girl to the school.

I think this is a long chapter and it should have been about Leslie because the chapter’s called Leslie Burke.

Chapter 3: The Fastest Kid In Fifth Grade.

In this chapter the big race is on and Jess wins all his heats but at the last heat when Leslie joins in (and she wasn’t supposed to)  she. Jess gets quite annoyed with Leslie but after a while they’re friends.

In my opinion this chapter is very well described with the race when Leslie catches up with him it says “He automatically pumped harder.”

Chapter 4: Rulers of Terabithia.

This chapter starts off talking about school, then they go to a long forgotten rope, Leslie swings on it and goes to the other side. Then Jess follows her to an old tree house and they decided to make a hut in the tree and name the forest Terabithia.

This chapter is longer than the others but that's fine because the amount of detail is great. I can picture what they are doing in my head.

Chapter 5: The Giant Killers.

This chapters compares Janice Avery (the school bully) to an angry giant. They make a plan to get revenge on Janice because she stole May Belle’s Twinkies (Jess’s little sister). They write a note saying things about her crush. After that she gets very mad.

This chapter for me is entertaining with the plot and spy-like mission they did to get revenge.

Chapter 6: The Coming Of Prince Terrien.

In this chapter Christmas is coming up, and Jess is trying to find a gift for Leslie. He gets really frustrated that he can’t find her a present until he sees a sign saying ‘free dog up for adoption’. Afterwards, they go to Terabithia and Jess give Leslie the dog. Leslie names the dog Prince Terrien and she gives Jess a paint set.

This chapter shows how poor Jess’s family really are. It also shows how much of a good friend Jess is because he put so much thought into his gift.

Chapter 7: The Golden Room.

In this chapter Jess and Leslie are painting a room in Leslie's house. Then Janice Avery is crying in the bathroom and we find out some interesting things about her like her dad beats her up a lot.

For me this chapter is quite boring and long.

Chapter 8: Eater.

In this chapter Jess talks about church and Leslie wants to go. Then they go and Leslie thinks it is good and she thinks it is better than a movie.

This was one of the shortest chapters of the book.

Chapter 9: The Evil Spell.

In this chapter Leslie senses an evil spell/curse on Terabithia. It’s also been pouring rain.

I enjoyed this chapter with the language and picture.

Chapter 10: The Perfect Day.

In this chapter Miss Edmunds (the music teacher) invites Jess to an Art Gallery and when Jess gets back they thought he was dead because Leslie had drowned, so they thought Jess had too.

This Chapter suprised me and it's quite sad as Leslie dies.

Chapter 11: NO!.

Continuing from the last chapter, Lelie has died and Jess won’t accept it .

This chapter is quite sad and talks about death quite a lot.

Chapter 12: Stranded.

The main point of this chapter is when they go to Leslie's funeral and Bill tells Jess thanks for being Leslie's friend because it is hard for her to make friends.

This chapter is nice that Bill thanks Jess for being a friend.

Chapter 13: Building The Bridge.

This chapter Jess is getting over Leslie’s death and he decides there needs to be a new queen, so he builds a bridge to the other side to Terabithia and takes May-Belle to the other side and they become King And Queen.

This chapter is a nice ending with the new queen and that they still remember Lelise.
Overall I enjoyed this book, it had adventure scenes that i really enjoyed and the author really knew how to connect to people's feelings.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Strangest View

And tall snowy mountains, to climb to the top of the rough mountain I come to a stop it see a calm lake with amazing scenery. Tall trees as far as the eye can see I travel through deep freezing lakes. The reflection of the water look as clear as a mirror.

But as I take a step closer I slip on the snow and tumble down the hill hitting sharp rocks and small pointy trees. As I’m getting closer to the bottom I see sharp rocks shaper then a knife. I can’t do anything about it because I’m falling as I look at the wonderful scenery on last time then take my last breath…. Or so I thought the reflection of the water was so clear it looked like the sharp rocks were right under me. I was amazed, I thought my life was over. I hear a rumbling I look up and I see snow heralding down the mountain with bits of rocks in there. I know it can’t be a reflection because I’m in the water. I swim to the side of the lake and see the avalanche form and then end.

Thursday, 23 April 2015



When all the soldiers go out to fight I feel guilty because I don’t know them and they are fighting for my freedom. They are risking their lives out there for us. We take our freedom for granted and don’t give them anything in return but Anzac.


I saw a picture that really touched me, the soldiers were off to war and a little kid ran up to his father to say goodbye. If I was the father I would be scared enough to go but now my son is expecting to see me again that just hits me. If I was the son I would feel confused that my dad is leaving and I’d be hoping that he’d come back.


Wait For Me Daddy

Happy 100th Anniversary of Anzac

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Rugby's Coming Up!

Hey guys, welcome back and this is an announcement rugby season is coming up. So you will be hearing about how my rugby games are going and my scores. So Hope you keep coming back to check out the score. BYE

Monday, 20 April 2015

Welcome To Term 2

Hey guys welcome back to term 2. I hope everyone had a great holiday and that everyone had safe trips. In my holiday I didn't do much apart swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming and a bit more of swimming. This term we found out that we have lot more responsibility's then last term. we are wet duty monitors, that's when we go to the other classrooms and just check up on them. we also have to look after kids. So I hope you had a good holidays and BYE.


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Last Day Of The Term

Today is the last day of the term and I am so happy how this blog has been. I've have nearly hit 5000 views and that means you guys are there reading my posts and commenting on them. This week is Holy Week so we have to remember that this week Jesus died on the cross for us. Hope everyone has a safe holiday and safe trips. I also want to say there may not be any posts in the holiday because I have a lot of swimming. But anyway thanks for reading and commenting. BYE

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Simon Peter

My Figure Is Simon Peter

Peter was the first disciple. Simon was named Peter from Jesus saying that Peter means rock and Peters the rock of the church. Peter also said he would stand with Jesus until he dies but Jesus knew he would deny him three times.


What Links Can I Make With Peter

He denied Jesus three times and I shouldn’t deny Jesus because I need to keep my faith and courage strong. If some asks about my religion I can stand up and say I am catholic.


My Conclusion

I have learnt that I need to keep my faith when someone asks me about my faith and if someone says something bad about Jesus, God or anything about my religion I will say something. Peter and Jesus were friends and Peter ditched Jesus when times got hard for them and I would stick with my friends if we were going through hard times.  

Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Man Next Door Part 3

We all are staring at each other thinking who I’m going to blast. Then everything freezes but me, then it feels like I’m getting sucked up. I look up and see a black hole sucking only me. “Why Me! Why not them!” I scream. As I’m going through the portal I hear my name being called. I see a bright light shining at the top of the black hole. As I approach the top I wake up in my bed. Then I look out the window and I see him standing there. I Knock on his door and ask “Why do you look up and the stars?” He Replies “Every night with my wife we would stare at the stars, and when she passed I swore I would stare at the stars every night to be with her.” “That’s nice” I told him “Thanks” He said back. I left and went to my room and stared at the stars to be with my little sister.


By Mannix  

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Hotel

I tremble across the gravel road wishing to find a small town to stay the night. After a few hours my wish comes true, I find a hotel. I open the door hoping there’s someone inside. There’s a bell on the counter, “Should I press it?” I think to myself. I press the button and a loud scream gushes through the whole hotel. A man comes down the stairs. “Hello, do you need any help young girl?” The man asks. “Ah yes can I stay here the night? I’ve had a rough day and I need somewhere to stay the night.” I told him. “I’ve course you can stay as long as you like” He Told her. He moved to the shadow then disappeared, I thought it was my imagination playing up on me but I don’t know. As I lay down in my bed all the memory’s flow back to me like a river. The crash, my parents and who crashed into us. The Man creeps into the room and then walks over to the bed. Then I wake up and scream as he tries to bite me!

Monday, 23 February 2015

The Man Next Door Part 2

He screams “What are you doing here! How did you get in?” I stand there in shock as he rips his mask off as a blue slimy face with what looks like pointy horns shows. I mutter as I don’t know what to say. He Grabs my arm and tells me “Grab all the guns you can and I’ll explain more after.” I listen to him because I don’t what to get on his bad side. He explains there is going to be an invasion and he’s trying to stop it. I’m having a hard time processing all this information and then he asks if I would help him. I almost fainted but I accepted I didn’t want my planet taken over by aliens. I saw space ships coming closer to earth. Then when they landed they told me he tricked me and he wanted to take over the earth and they were trying to stop him I didn’t know who to believe. I grab a blaster and think to myself who’s story make sense.

To Be Continued…  

Friday, 13 February 2015

The Man Next Door

The Man Next Door


He stands there waiting for them to come, I don’t know what but there coming. Ever since he moved in to that house strange things have been happening. The other day I saw red beams coming from his windows and loud screams. I have to do something before something bad happens. I have been studying his routine. At exactly 8:45 he stand there waiting for them and at 10:25 he goes back inside. Today I’m going to find what he is and what he is waiting for. Its 8:45 and he is outside this gives me 2 hours and 25 minutes to get the information I need. I’m in the building and it looks nothing like I would have expected it has black soft carpet, wooden stairs and fancy lamps. Its 9:05 and I can’t find anything useful but there is a button on the counter I’m going to push it. It has open up a secret basement and looks like it has some alien tech. it’s 10:00 and I have found out that he’s not a man he an alien trying to send aliens to enslave humans and rule Earth. I found a button that says “warning don’t push.” I am going to push it maybe it will stop the invasion. I pushed it and it made a loud scream I have to get out now. As I got to the door he was standing right in front of me.


To Be Continued…  

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I have just hit 3000 views! Keep looking because this year will be more posts with more story's so thanks. Bye