Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Chapter 1: The Piano
His mind conflicts him as the piano brings the horrid memories from his mind to a reality. flashing through the toughest moments of his life, that made him struggle and nearly made him give up. But the hardest memory to forget was teasing him, getting louder then the others and getting bigger then the others!
then the strangest thing happened he closed his eyes then when he opened his eyes he was in a different room. He looked around then saw himself in the mirror, his wrinkled face was smooth. his grey stubby hair was long gone but his blonde spiky hair was reformed, And his blurry eyesight was vanished. He was wearing his doctors clothing and then a patient was rushed in. He straight away remembered this memory, the day he got told to go to the army and become a medic in the war.
He thought to himself, “Why is this happening!? Am I being punished!?”
Then the Major came in and demanded me to go to war. As he did before he went to war.

Chapter 2: Introduced
As he traveled to base camp, the sight was amazing! There were birds chirping, The green grass grows in the meadows and the poppies blooming. But as he get closer to base camp the green meadows are no longer green, they are wrecked with tank tracks, there's broken defense posts everywhere!
When he got to base camp he saw the soldiers waiting for his arrival. he introduced himself and they introduced themselves.
“Hi! I’m Jono
they told him about how their charging to Germany in a few months and how he has to be trained mentally and physically. His training was going to be extremely hard, He would have to run 10 miles with a full pack, a AK-47 And medical supplies! he knew it was a huge challenge but if he didn’t go along he would be called a traitor and get shot.

Chapter 3: The Challenge
At 5:00am he was woken up by the alarm screaming he didn’t know what was going on, so as fast as he could he got changed and grabbed his supplies and went out to the major with the other soldiers
“Why are you late!” The Major screamed furiously.  
“I didn’t know we had to be up at 5:00.” He replied.
“At 5:00!? You had to be up and 4:30!” The Major yelled at the top of his lungs.
“Sorry it won’t happen again.” He told the Major.
After the argument they just had he went on his 10 mile walk, he went in thinking i’m going to finish this!
a few minutes later he started getting sore legs and wanting to stop but he didn’t, he kept pushing forwards. After the 1st mile he stopped and sat on the side of the road, asking himself will i see my family again? Will I survive? Am I doing the right thing? He thought of these while he walked he wanted to prove himself that he is doing the right thing. He started to jog and from jog became running. Next thing he knew he was running past other soldiers and every mile was closer than the last one! when he passed 5 miles his friends stood on mines and blew up! He went over to them to make sure they were OK. He got his medical supplies and taped up the men and got them walking again. It took him nearly 1 whole hour but then he had recovered so he went off again. 2 hours later he had 1 more mile left and he was exhausted, he started collapsing and he ran out of food and water. he never thought he was going to make it but then he thought about his family and what might happen to them. He got his second wind and blasted off like a rocket! His heart racing like a Ferrari! as he crossed the finish line he felt he had accomplished something. He had completed the challenge.
“You did great out there, you ran the whole 10 miles and you also bandaged up some men!” The Major said.
“Thanks!” Said Jono.

Chapter 4: The Charge
7 Months past and Jono had been training non stop for when they go to Germany. But when they least expected it the horns rang and the bells screamed! Jono knew what was happening… They had to charge to Germany now! He Gathered his gear and snatched his medical supplies and ran with his friends to the jets and started driving to Germany. Him and his friends flew almost to Germany until they heard the gunshots go off. They German soldiers were trying to shoot the jet down; then they hit the left wing. Jono and his friends were swirling as they were getting closer to the ground.
“Get your parachute on! Then jump out off the jet if you want to live!” Jono demanded
His friends did what he said and jumped out. they all pulled the shoot and floated down. when they hit the bottom they saw the German leader! They knew that they would have to kill him! they hid behind cover but when they peaked out Jonos friend go shot! he did his best to bandage them up but there was no way they would survive. he needed backup but no one was there they were still coming, so he hid until he saw backup. The German Leader walked past Jono’s hiding spot and Jono thought If he killed him he would end the war. So he snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the back. The German Leader fell to his knees covered in his own red blood!

Chapter 5: The End
The German leader crying for mercy, screaming for help.
Jono realized he had killed the German Leader! The German army pointed their guns at Jono; he froze still and couldn’t move… But then Jono's fellow army soldiers came and took out the German soldiers. They won the war! Everyone was cheering but then everyone stopped and froze… His memories started screaming, he remembered what was happening, how all this started. He closed his eyes then oped them again... He was in his room, sitting at the piano, remembering the times of war.

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