Friday, 22 August 2014


Thank you guys so much I have up to 1000 views and I am so happy my next goal is 2000 so please leave comments and tell your friends. See ya.


Lately I've been to a swim met with my fellow swimmers. it was in Timaru. I went up with my friend Charlie and his dad. I entered these races: 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke, 50 breaststroke, 100 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle and 200 backstroke. I got bronze metal in my 200 backstroke. A lot of the swimmer got a lot of metals. I hope I can do more. See ya.

The Museum

On Wednesday we went to Dunedin for a trip to the museum and it was amazing. Kim and Paul were in charge of us. Paul taught us about how the Māori came to New Zealand. Kim taught us about our identity and our culture. we explored the wonderful butterfly's and had some fun with some experiments. we had a wonderful day. See ya.      


Hi guys sadly my rugby season is over but luckily we have kept the shield and we all hope that we can keep it also next year. We are all very happy that we won it and we will have  to train even harder for next year because I know it's going to be harder. See ya!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Skulduggery Pleasant

                               Skulduggery Pleasant

by Derek Landy

Genre: a fiction, action, adventure and mystery.
Skulduggery Pleasant book 1 is about a girl Stephanie and her uncle, who writes horror fiction books then he sadly dies. At his funeral Stephanie sees a man standing out of the crowd, he was hiding his identity with a scarf around his neck and a hat covering his face. When Stephanie and her family return to their house for the reading of her uncle’s will, the strange man also joins them. No one knows who this stranger is, but when the will is being read, it all becomes clearer. The strange man is her uncle’s closest friend and name is Skulduggery Pleasant. Her uncle gives his house to Stephanie but can only take possession when she’s 16.

Stephanie goes to her Uncle’s house to reflect on her life with him. While she is there the weather changes and it rains heavy and floods the drive way so she has to stay the night. Someone rings the phone saying “Give it to me,” she doesn’t know who he is so she hangs up. Later that night the man breaks into the house threatening Stephanie. Skulduggery Pleasant comes in and burns the man with his magic and he reveals to her his true identity, he’s a skeleton. He introduced himself to Stephanie and tells her he thinks the evil mastermind Serpine sent his henchman hands on the powerful sceptre that he thinks is at her uncle’s house. He tells the Elders but they say its nonsense because Serpine has been helping them.

After a few clues and meeting friends along the way Skulduggery finds out Serpine is after the book of names and it has everyone’s 3 names. The name you’re given from your parents, the name you pick and your special name that you should not tell anyone.

The main Characters are: Skulduggery Pleasant, Stephanie/Valkyrie Cain, Ghastly Bepspoke, China Sorrows and Serpine.
I think it was a great book because it keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next and gives some surprising twists at the end.
I think the message is don’t give up on what you do because in the book Skulduggery doesn’t give up on finding Serpine. When the elders say he isn’t behind Stephanie’s uncle’s death he keeps going.
By Mannix Fraser

Hard Luck

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck 
By Jeff Kinney
Genre: Comedy


Diary of a Wimpy kid is about a boy with an odd life. That boys name is Greg Heffley. For Greg middle school is hard when your one of the littlest kids in school. And the worst part is that Greg’s best friend or should I say used to be Greg’s best friend Rowley Jefferson is going out with a girl Abigail and she’s changing Rowley Completely. She made him were new clothes and changed his hair style but worst of all his personality had changed too.  Before Rowley was going out with Abigail he used to walk with Greg to school.  Rowley kept and eye out on Rebel. Rebel is a dog that chases Rowley and Greg, but since now he has an electric dog collar, and when he leaves the house he gets a shock. But Rowley also carried Greg’s bag as well as his own bag. There is a gang of guys who live in a forest and if Rowley and Greg go to close they get chased down the street. But now that Rowley and Abigail are walking together to school Greg needs to watch out for danger on his own. Once Greg and Rowley went to the basketball court to ride their new bikes and while they were there some guys came and told them to go away and they did. A couple days later Greg’s mum told him about superhero training and once he saw the flyer he was in!  When he arrived to the superhero training, he realized it was a huge scam.

Greg thinks that most families have their issues but his mum’s side has extra drama mum has 4 sisters: Aunt Gretchen, Aunt Audra, Aunt Veronica and Aunt Cakey. Aunt Cakey doesn’t really like children. When Greg was younger Aunt Cakey told Greg not to touch the hot iron but he snuck downstairs and burnt himself. Aunt Gretchen is the opposite of Aunt Cakey, she has two kids who are trouble makers and she has to keep them on leaches.   Aunt Veronica hasn’t been to any family events in 5 years, she only video chats through her phone. And Aunt Audra believes in crystal balls and horoscopes. She doesn’t do anything without asking her psychic.

Grey has a Great Granny Meamaw, and when he goes to her house it can be a bit boring but last Easter was very exciting, as she had one of the best egg hunts.

Sadly his Great Granny Meamaw died, and her family was concerned that she was not wearing her diamond ring and no one could find it.  The family searched the whole house no one could find it.

One day Greg found a magic 8 ball and he thought it was the most helpful thing ever. It helped him to figure out small decisions so he could concentrate on the big problems.

Grey took a job as a photographer and as he was looking through all the photographs, he came across cutest couple; to his disappointment he discovered it was Rowley and Abigail. After that he quit in a second.   Then disaster struck when he dropped his magic 8 ball and it broke so he chucked it over his great granny Meamaw fence. A couple of days later Rowley got dumped by Abigail and she was only going out with Rowley so she could make her ex feel jealous and it worked. So in the end Rowley and Greg made up and became friends once again.

Greg went back to get his magic 8 ball and he also found a shiny egg in the wood pile. In the Egg there was a diamond ring. Greg thought that the magic 8 ball may be good for little decisions but the big ones are up to him.

I choose this book because I enjoy reading humours books that make me laugh.  I thought that it was a good book because it made me reflect on Greys life, like mine own life … things are always changing and with three brothers, always funny.  I liked that Grey and Rowley became friends once again, as it is great to have special friends in your life that you can share your thoughts and idea’s with … and you know that they will not tell anyone (bit like a personal diary).

It would have been better is it was a bit longer, may be what happened next in Greys life, but I think that is the author’s intention as he wants you to buy and read the next book.

I think it was a funny book, it took everyday situations and made you realise that life it too short to worry about the small things, life is a journey and no matter what happens, you have to keep on going, smiling and having fun.  Because you never know what is around the next corner. 

I would recommend this book who like a funny book with some pictures and who has read another books from the diary of a wimpy kid series.


My Mannix Fraser


Friday, 1 August 2014


Hi guys today we vs Union and they bet the shield of us and today we got it back 69-33 we are amazed how we played hope we will keep the shield from now on! See ya.