Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Simon Peter

My Figure Is Simon Peter

Peter was the first disciple. Simon was named Peter from Jesus saying that Peter means rock and Peters the rock of the church. Peter also said he would stand with Jesus until he dies but Jesus knew he would deny him three times.


What Links Can I Make With Peter

He denied Jesus three times and I shouldn’t deny Jesus because I need to keep my faith and courage strong. If some asks about my religion I can stand up and say I am catholic.


My Conclusion

I have learnt that I need to keep my faith when someone asks me about my faith and if someone says something bad about Jesus, God or anything about my religion I will say something. Peter and Jesus were friends and Peter ditched Jesus when times got hard for them and I would stick with my friends if we were going through hard times.  

Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Man Next Door Part 3

We all are staring at each other thinking who I’m going to blast. Then everything freezes but me, then it feels like I’m getting sucked up. I look up and see a black hole sucking only me. “Why Me! Why not them!” I scream. As I’m going through the portal I hear my name being called. I see a bright light shining at the top of the black hole. As I approach the top I wake up in my bed. Then I look out the window and I see him standing there. I Knock on his door and ask “Why do you look up and the stars?” He Replies “Every night with my wife we would stare at the stars, and when she passed I swore I would stare at the stars every night to be with her.” “That’s nice” I told him “Thanks” He said back. I left and went to my room and stared at the stars to be with my little sister.


By Mannix  

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Hotel

I tremble across the gravel road wishing to find a small town to stay the night. After a few hours my wish comes true, I find a hotel. I open the door hoping there’s someone inside. There’s a bell on the counter, “Should I press it?” I think to myself. I press the button and a loud scream gushes through the whole hotel. A man comes down the stairs. “Hello, do you need any help young girl?” The man asks. “Ah yes can I stay here the night? I’ve had a rough day and I need somewhere to stay the night.” I told him. “I’ve course you can stay as long as you like” He Told her. He moved to the shadow then disappeared, I thought it was my imagination playing up on me but I don’t know. As I lay down in my bed all the memory’s flow back to me like a river. The crash, my parents and who crashed into us. The Man creeps into the room and then walks over to the bed. Then I wake up and scream as he tries to bite me!