Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Hotel

I tremble across the gravel road wishing to find a small town to stay the night. After a few hours my wish comes true, I find a hotel. I open the door hoping there’s someone inside. There’s a bell on the counter, “Should I press it?” I think to myself. I press the button and a loud scream gushes through the whole hotel. A man comes down the stairs. “Hello, do you need any help young girl?” The man asks. “Ah yes can I stay here the night? I’ve had a rough day and I need somewhere to stay the night.” I told him. “I’ve course you can stay as long as you like” He Told her. He moved to the shadow then disappeared, I thought it was my imagination playing up on me but I don’t know. As I lay down in my bed all the memory’s flow back to me like a river. The crash, my parents and who crashed into us. The Man creeps into the room and then walks over to the bed. Then I wake up and scream as he tries to bite me!

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