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The Bridge to Terabithia Chapter Summaries WARNING SPOLIERS


Chapter 1 : Jess Oliver Aarons Jr.

In this chapter it explains about Jess, who he is and what his goal is. Jess wants to be the fastest kid in fifth grade. It also explains about his family, his father is stressed out and if he doesn't go to work they will become poorer than they were before. His sisters fight a lot and are very demanding. He tries to run as much as he can.

For me this chapter is a bit long for just explaining his family and him.

Chapter 2: Leslie Burke.

This Chapter talks about his school, his teacher, his friends and the bullies. and near the end it talks about Jess and Leslie talking. Leslie is the new girl to the school.

I think this is a long chapter and it should have been about Leslie because the chapter’s called Leslie Burke.

Chapter 3: The Fastest Kid In Fifth Grade.

In this chapter the big race is on and Jess wins all his heats but at the last heat when Leslie joins in (and she wasn’t supposed to)  she. Jess gets quite annoyed with Leslie but after a while they’re friends.

In my opinion this chapter is very well described with the race when Leslie catches up with him it says “He automatically pumped harder.”

Chapter 4: Rulers of Terabithia.

This chapter starts off talking about school, then they go to a long forgotten rope, Leslie swings on it and goes to the other side. Then Jess follows her to an old tree house and they decided to make a hut in the tree and name the forest Terabithia.

This chapter is longer than the others but that's fine because the amount of detail is great. I can picture what they are doing in my head.

Chapter 5: The Giant Killers.

This chapters compares Janice Avery (the school bully) to an angry giant. They make a plan to get revenge on Janice because she stole May Belle’s Twinkies (Jess’s little sister). They write a note saying things about her crush. After that she gets very mad.

This chapter for me is entertaining with the plot and spy-like mission they did to get revenge.

Chapter 6: The Coming Of Prince Terrien.

In this chapter Christmas is coming up, and Jess is trying to find a gift for Leslie. He gets really frustrated that he can’t find her a present until he sees a sign saying ‘free dog up for adoption’. Afterwards, they go to Terabithia and Jess give Leslie the dog. Leslie names the dog Prince Terrien and she gives Jess a paint set.

This chapter shows how poor Jess’s family really are. It also shows how much of a good friend Jess is because he put so much thought into his gift.

Chapter 7: The Golden Room.

In this chapter Jess and Leslie are painting a room in Leslie's house. Then Janice Avery is crying in the bathroom and we find out some interesting things about her like her dad beats her up a lot.

For me this chapter is quite boring and long.

Chapter 8: Eater.

In this chapter Jess talks about church and Leslie wants to go. Then they go and Leslie thinks it is good and she thinks it is better than a movie.

This was one of the shortest chapters of the book.

Chapter 9: The Evil Spell.

In this chapter Leslie senses an evil spell/curse on Terabithia. It’s also been pouring rain.

I enjoyed this chapter with the language and picture.

Chapter 10: The Perfect Day.

In this chapter Miss Edmunds (the music teacher) invites Jess to an Art Gallery and when Jess gets back they thought he was dead because Leslie had drowned, so they thought Jess had too.

This Chapter suprised me and it's quite sad as Leslie dies.

Chapter 11: NO!.

Continuing from the last chapter, Lelie has died and Jess won’t accept it .

This chapter is quite sad and talks about death quite a lot.

Chapter 12: Stranded.

The main point of this chapter is when they go to Leslie's funeral and Bill tells Jess thanks for being Leslie's friend because it is hard for her to make friends.

This chapter is nice that Bill thanks Jess for being a friend.

Chapter 13: Building The Bridge.

This chapter Jess is getting over Leslie’s death and he decides there needs to be a new queen, so he builds a bridge to the other side to Terabithia and takes May-Belle to the other side and they become King And Queen.

This chapter is a nice ending with the new queen and that they still remember Lelise.
Overall I enjoyed this book, it had adventure scenes that i really enjoyed and the author really knew how to connect to people's feelings.

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  1. Good summary's Mannix it really summed up the chapters but you could have made them a tiny bit longer. Since I have read the book it really summed up the book