Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Strangest View

And tall snowy mountains, to climb to the top of the rough mountain I come to a stop it see a calm lake with amazing scenery. Tall trees as far as the eye can see I travel through deep freezing lakes. The reflection of the water look as clear as a mirror.

But as I take a step closer I slip on the snow and tumble down the hill hitting sharp rocks and small pointy trees. As I’m getting closer to the bottom I see sharp rocks shaper then a knife. I can’t do anything about it because I’m falling as I look at the wonderful scenery on last time then take my last breath…. Or so I thought the reflection of the water was so clear it looked like the sharp rocks were right under me. I was amazed, I thought my life was over. I hear a rumbling I look up and I see snow heralding down the mountain with bits of rocks in there. I know it can’t be a reflection because I’m in the water. I swim to the side of the lake and see the avalanche form and then end.

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