Monday, 23 February 2015

The Man Next Door Part 2

He screams “What are you doing here! How did you get in?” I stand there in shock as he rips his mask off as a blue slimy face with what looks like pointy horns shows. I mutter as I don’t know what to say. He Grabs my arm and tells me “Grab all the guns you can and I’ll explain more after.” I listen to him because I don’t what to get on his bad side. He explains there is going to be an invasion and he’s trying to stop it. I’m having a hard time processing all this information and then he asks if I would help him. I almost fainted but I accepted I didn’t want my planet taken over by aliens. I saw space ships coming closer to earth. Then when they landed they told me he tricked me and he wanted to take over the earth and they were trying to stop him I didn’t know who to believe. I grab a blaster and think to myself who’s story make sense.

To Be Continued…  

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