Monday, 15 June 2015

The Helmet

I’m charging into war, I wish I was with my family but I’m fighting for my country. I hope I'll see my family again and I can tell my stories. I see a flare in the distance, they're coming! Men collapse as they get shot. I see my friends fall in pain, lying there waiting to die. tears running down their cheeks, gasping for help. But sadly I must keep fighting. As I leave, they scream for mercy, hoping that they will survive. As I’m running I see run into a man. He looks my age, then we stop and stare at each other. He says to me “Please I have a family. Please don’t hurt me” I pull my gun down and walk away, but he stops me and gives me his helmet. “Show your family that their are others at war with family,” He told me then ran off. I snuck off the battlefield and went home. I showed them the helmet to them, they were shocked. I kept in touch with the man, his name is Denton. He’s planning to move here in America. That helmet could have saved my life because if I said no I wouldn’t have gone home and could have been shot. War is something that no one wants, it’s horrible! People die and they have a family! We want peace not war!  

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