Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Marine Life

Our Whales population is running out because the Japanese are harpooning our whales to bring back to their country and they eat them. But what do they do with the parts they don’t want? They throw the whale back into the sea. That attracts sharks to come and eat what's left of the helpless Whale! Today I will be talking about how whaling is bad, Sea Shepherds, some shocking facts about whaling and why this has to STOP!

Why Is Whaling Bad?
Whaling is cruel, they take the meat they need then chuck out the rest! They also take too much and from that because soon they will be extinct, so we would have no whales on this planet and we can’t get them back.
Even though it's banned Japan, Norway and Iceland they still kill at least 2000 whales each year! When the banning of whaling happened over 30000 whales have still been killed.

Sea Shepherds
Where there is evil there is good and that's where the sea shepherds come in. The sea shepherd don’t just save whales, when they first started off they helped baby harp seals also known as white coats. In 1977 the Sea Shepherds were made their goal was to save sea life.
The Sea Shepherds have their own show called Whales Wars in that show they try to stop the Japanese from whaling. In one of the episodes the Sea Shepherds are trying to stop the Japanese but the Japanese shoot the Sea Shepherd Captain, luckily he was wearing a bulletproof vest, and that shows how desperate the Japanese are for Whales

Shocking Facts
16,000 whales have been murdered every year for 83 years! 40 years after Antarctic whaling was banned, Blue Whale numbers remain critically low. Since 1986, over 25,000 whales have been murdered legally for “scientific research” and that's what the Japanese are doing! People who whale think money is more important than live, even if they say it isn’t they all are killing whales for money!

Overall I think that whaling is a horrible thing to do because it is causing our whaling to go extinct. Sadly as normal people we can’t do very much but we can adopt a real whale from websites like “Save the Whales” and more! Yet lucky we have the Sea Shepherds protecting our waters, and they will do anything to stop whaling. If we keep whaling there will be no whales left on earth!

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