Monday, 13 October 2014

Welcome Back!

Hi guys sorry i havn't been blogging lately but i've been so busy. hope you have all had a great holiday and you guys are ready for the last term of the year. In my holiday i went swimming because i'm in my swimming club i went to another swim meet in queenstown and it was amazing. i went there with my friend Charlie. (His Blog-> He went to the haunted house. he said it was very creppy and scary and he chicken out! But I wouldn't have the guts to even go in so Charlie is preety brave. We met up at the Gondala It was cool seeing a view from such a high distance. when we went up on the Luge I nerly tipped mine over! but we had a lot of fun.
for tea we went to the lone star I was stuffed! also we went to the ice bar where everything was made of ice! It was incredible! It was getting late and we still wanted fun so we suggested to go to a 12D little Films we got our photos taken on a green screen and it was funny. When we were swimming I came 3rd In my 200 metres backstroke. So I think thats how to cover my holiday so hope you enjoyed yours. please comment and follow my blog a lot it really helps me. Bye guys and i'll see you in the next one. Bye!


  1. congrats on 3000 views mannix

  2. you really make it seem like it's happening to you just now