Friday, 27 June 2014

Citizenship Award

Today I earned the citizenship award and my teacher rote a note and this is what it said:
Mannix has a very full life participating with intense swimming training. Yet he has put in one of the highest times on his IXL maths practice. ( Maths website.) and he is a prolific blogger. He shares lots of exciting things he does, plus make supportive comments on other blogs! He is highly organised in the classroom and very good at tutoring others and he takes full control of himself and his learning.
This is a great achievement for me and i hope to get more. See ya.


  1. Mannix, Mum and Dad are so proud of your teaching and learning, we see it at home when you are supporting and guiding your brothers, and excited to hear that you have woven this strength into your school learning. You work very hard, and even though sometimes you get frustrated when you have to stop what you are doing to go to swimming, you do it.
    Mrs FR sent us a amazing comment about your leadership and support in the classroom, this characteristic of your personality is a value that we as a whanau embrace and strike for you to achieve in your life and to hear that you display this with your friends and teachers at school is a delight to hear.
    Keep up all the hard work … reach for the stars … never give up … 120% all the time … and it only take 5 minutes to share with others, which may bless their life’s for a life time!!!
    We love you Mannix
    Always in our hearts and thoughts
    Mum and Dad

  2. WOW your blog is a amazing keep it up:)